About Us: Achievements

2008 to 2013


  • Forum of Alberta Health Charities in Edmonton with about 40 member participants - Creating Synergy Coalition was officially created by unanimous vote of health charity organizations

  • Creating Synergy: Alberta Voluntary Health Sector Working Together was developed with mission and vision

  • Responded to Alberta Pharmaceutical Strategy Phase I – position papers and meetings with government staff


  • Finalized Strategic Plan for Creating Synergy including fund development campaign

  • Held June Forum with about 22 Creating Synergy Stakeholders/ members – Discussion of Alberta Drug Program Act & Issue of Therapeutic Substitution (Guest speaker from B.C. on Therapeutic Substitution)

  • Developed and disseminated Position Paper & Executive Summary on Alberta Drug Program Act

  • Drafted ‘Public/Stakeholder Engagement Framework’ based on preliminary discussions

  • Renamed/rebranded to Creating Synergy: Health Coalition of Alberta; revised logo

  • Established collaboration with ISMP document on Consumer Reporting and Learning Strategy called Working with Consumers to Prevent Medication Incidents: A Consumer Reporting and Learning Strategy for the Canadian Medication Incident Reporting and Prevention System (CMIRPS)

  • Stepped up government relations throughout 2009:

    • Held meetings with Alberta Health and Wellness key people on Alberta Pharmaceutical Strategy and Citizens’ Council

    • Submitted an “Invited” Submission to the Minister’s Advisory Committee on Health

    • Responded to call from NDP for submissions on health care

    • Attended Alberta Pharmaceutical Strategy - Phase Two Stakeholder Session


  • Developed Operational Plan for Steering Committee - expanded Steering Committee for more diversity, capacity for decision making, enhanced perspectives and collaboration on initiatives

  • Developed and sent/presented position papers to Alberta Health and Wellness:

    • Response to Health Advisory Committee regarding key health issues and priorities

    • Submission on Alberta Health Act

    • Submission with Seniors regarding drug program and other issues of Seniors in Alberta

  • Provided advocacy training for the DES membership in Calgary and Red Deer

  • Confirmed Membership, recruitment and support with over 70 organizations and individuals

  • Became officially affiliated with Best Medicines Coalition – mutual support on national issues

  • May Forum on Patient/Stakeholder Engagement

  • Developed Guide for Stakeholder Engagement in Decision Making Processes (June 2010) – presented to Health Advisory Committee in July 2010

  • Implemented Creating Synergy website

  • Presentations made with Seniors’ organizations


  • Finalized five-year plan for Creating Synergy – four priority areas

  • Four Working Groups from Steering Committee to lead on four priority areas of strategic plan

  • Conducted survey on health issues priorities with members

  • Creating Synergy becomes a member of Best Medicines Coalition of Canada – two members of Creating Synergy Steering Committee are represented on BMC

  • Involvement with BMC on writing and supporting national position paper on Drug Shortages


  • Report completed on survey analyses

  • Presentation to Rx & D in May

  • Began work on website – hired website consultants to develop interactive website

  • Sent members documents on political party platforms and campaign materials

  • Planned and implemented MLA Breakfast and Membership Forum for November

  • Involved with BMC in writing and supporting position papers on Drug Labeling and Look-alike, Sound-alike Drugs


  • Launched new interactive website

  • Launched Facebook page

  • Held Creating Synergy Spring Forum in June 2013

  • Held Creating Synergy MLA Breakfast and Fall Forum in November 2013


  • Held Spring Forum in June 2014

  • Society Registration Approved. Organization renamed "The Health Coalition of Alberta Society"