About Us: Principles

Values We Collectively Share

A. Commitment to the public good and public benefit

  • Align the mission of the Coalition with an active and constant commitment to the public good

  • Ensure that all activities are directed toward public benefit

B. Integrity and Honesty

  • Act with integrity, honesty and transparency in all relationships and interactions between members, funders, and government

C. Respect for all stakeholders

  • Treat everyone as people first and foremost and respect their rights, responsibilities and opinions

D. Commitment to accountability and good governance

  • Commit to good governance, through directors and management who are informed, thoughtful and purposeful in their decision making

  • Ensure that the steering committee periodically reviews the organization's mission and evaluates progress in achieving this mission

  • Communicate effectively and clearly about the Coalition's mission, objectives and governance

E. Dedication to the pursuit of quality health care

  • Demonstrate a strong enthusiasm in our endeavors to make a positive difference in the lives of patients and their families

  • Communicate this enthusiasm to others in an attempt to encourage others to share in our vision

  • Ensure that patients or patient groups have a voice in the development of health policy