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RxHelpONE Now Being Offered to Health Coalition Members

RxHelpONE, the latest advance in Patient Choice Program design that allows patients to stay on brand name medications, at little or no additional cost, is now being offered to members of the Health Coalition of Alberta. The RxHelpONE program is free and gives patients access to multiple medications, from multiple brand manufacturers on ONE program. It is easy for patients and their pharmacists. Simply click on the link to see what medications are covered on the program Select your province, then click on the current medications you are taking and print off your personalized card. You do not need to wait for a card in the mail. Take your list of medications to your pharmacist and ask for the brand.  


InnoviCares Supplementary Benefit Program

InnoviCares is a supplementary benefit program that provides coverage for a variety of medications and healthcare products. The innoviCares card covers up to the difference in cost between many brand name medications and their generic alternatives allowing patients to remain on brand name medications such as Avapro, Celexa, Nexium and many more, at little or no cost. This FREE benefit program is available to members of the Health Coalition of Alberta at For more information, visit


Article: How Pharmaceutical Innovation has Revolutionized Health Care

An article published by the Montreal Economic Institute describes how people are living healthier, longer lives as a result of developments in the field of medicine, particularly pharmacology. New drugs and vaccines are leading to better treatments and cures, and this article highlights some of the most important contributions over the past 100 years. To read the article, please click here.


Video: How Drugs are Approved in Canada

A video on the drug approval process in Canada is now available on the website, an online forum that features opinion pieces about relevant health policy topics. To view this video, please click here.


Canadian Health Policy Institute Challenges Private Health Industry

A new study by the Canadian Public Health Policy Institute (CHPI) challenges the argument by the private health insurance industry that new medicine costs are not sustainable without government intervention. According to the study, private insurance expenditures on dental, vision, professionals, hospitals and administration are growing two to five time faster than spending on new medicines. The report is accessible on the CHPI website at


Webinar: "The Structure of Canada's Healthcare System"

This free webinar was organized by the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network and took place on Thursday, March 20, 2014. Topics discussed include the following: an overview of the basic roles and responsibilities of federal and provincial governments within our healthcare system; a review of the key players and structures operating within the system; and, the differences between engaging politicians and bureaucrats when advocating within the healthcare system.


Tip Sheet - Good Communication Can Help Prevent Harmful Mistakes with Medicines

This newsletter was published in October 2013 by with the support of Health Canada. It provides suggestions to help consumers and healthcare practitioners prevent communication problems with their medicines.


pCODR Guide for Patient Advocacy

This free, comprehensive 2013 advocacy guide is now available for download. This resource is the first of its type in Canada and is a joint collaboration between the pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) and the Canadian Cancer Action Network (CCAN). The guide was created with input from patient advocacy groups, for patient advocacy groups.


The "How To" Health Guide 2011

Published by the Health Charities Coalition of Canada, this useful document helps patients and their loved ones better understand the health care system, find the information and services they need, manage their condition, et cetera.