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Who Can Join?

Membership in the Health Coalition of Alberta Society will be granted to qualified applicants (as per Bylaws) of four categories:


  • Full Membership - Organizations: non profit, health-related organizations with a mandate that aligns with the Society in Alberta

  • Full Membership - Individuals: Residents of Alberta with an interest in the mandate of the Society


Non Voting

  • Affiliate Membership - Organizations: non profit organizations with an aligned mandate with the Society in Alberta

  • Supporter Membership - Organizations: non profit or for profit organizations or companies who support the mission of the Society




  1. Interested applicants submit an Application for Membership to the Health Coalition of Alberta Society either online or in hard copy.
  2. The Application is received by the office and processed by the Executive Director or delegate.
  3. The membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st of each year.
  4. Membership fees are non refundable.
  5. Membership fees are as follows:

    Voting - Full Membership - Organizations:

    Under 100 Members: $50.00

    101-1000 Members: $100.00

    1001 or more Members: $250.00


    Voting - Full Membership - Individuals: $25.00


    Non Voting - Affiliate Membership: $100.00


    Non-Voting - Supporter Membership: $500.00


What are the Benefits of Membership?

The return on your membership investment is significant:

  • Network with an informed and impassioned health charity sector;

  • Work together to provide patient-centered health care for Albertans;

  • Receive invitations to attend education and networking events at a reduced cost.

We provide significant leadership to our members through apprising them of issues, educating them on policy that will impact patients, and providing mentoring and capacity building on how to influence change within the health care system.

To read the full details of the policy, please click here.


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Please mail the applicable membership fee by cheque to:
Health Coalition of Alberta
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