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Possible important issues to address in your message:

  1. Equal access to quality health care

    All Albertans should have equal access to health services regardless of their ability to pay or where they live in the province. Issues to address include the current waiting lists and the need for better coordinated services.

  2. Decreased burden for people with chronic disease

    People with chronic diseases should not face undue burden. Policies are needed that improve their quality of life such as Compassionate Care Leave for family caregivers, respite care, and community-based care.

  3. Increased access to palliative care

    Palliative care patients should have access to a holistic range of programs and services that support them and their family members.

  4. Patients as the focus of changing health care services

    Patients should be involved and engaged in health care planning, service delivery and health policy development.

  5. Integrated care for seniors

    Seniors must have access to quality health care. This may include better access to integrated homecare and more coverage on a wider range of services.

  6. Increased access to continuing and long term care

    Programs and services must address the patient-caregiver ratio. Service providers must also review the qualifications of people providing care, and assess the screening and accessibility of care.

  7. Publicly funded access to medications

    To secure the public funding of medications, the government should review how it determines which costs are insured and which are not. Recommendations are needed on the new medications approval process. The process for delisting services – and for increasing the quality of other insured services – should also be analyzed.

  8. Increased access to mental health services

    Albertans who require mental health assistance should have increased access to specialists, mental health community workers, programs and services.